If you prefer a fully “Do It Yourself” approach, you can attend one of Peter’s courses which are held in a classroom and online or you can choose one-on-one education. Once you have completed a course, you should have the fundamental knowledge to be able to buy and/or build the right property, in the right street and in the right suburb. Alternatively, if you choose the one-on-one approach, Peter will personally guide and coach you along your property investment journey to ensure that you make the best decision when it comes to buying/developing property.


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Your course fee includes a subscription to CoreLogic RP Professional. 


This is a database of all the properties that have sold in Australia. With access to this invaluable database, you will be able to do your comprehensive research and analysis to determine if your proposed development project is feasible and profitable. 


You can discover

• How much other comparable properties sold for?

• When did they sell?

• How long have properties been on the market?

• Has there been any vendor discounting and by how much?

• The true value of your development, rather than depending on some computer generated algorithm.

• How large is the block?

• How wide is the frontage?

• And much much more!













Access to this database is usually $2,500 per annum and it is not widely available to the general public. This is a tool that usually only property professionals such as real agents can subscribe to.

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The Property Development Workshop has been designed by Peter to teach you about residential property development and provide you with the confidence to do it yourself.


The main reason that this course was developed is because even though there are many sites that have development potential, there are very few development sites that are actually profitable. This course will not only help you identify development potential but very importantly, you will be able to determine whether these projects are actually profitable.

This workshop is taught over two days (Saturday and Sunday) and two weeknights. The workshop begins with the basic steps involved in property development and then you will apply these steps to real-life development sites. You will also hop on a bus with Peter for a field trip. This field trip involves visiting properties, determining their development potential and then going back to class to conduct market research and determine their financial feasibility.

In addition to the basic steps and the field trip, there will be a number of presentations from Peter and other property and town planning professionals. You will learn about the best ways to fund your development project, how to maximise your tax deductions if you are selling your project and very importantly, conduct market research to help determine the design of your project and build the type of dwellings that are in demand, that will sell quickly and for the highest price. Alternatively, if you are intending to add to your property portfolio and keep one or more of the dwellings as an investment, you will learn how to determine what tenants want so as to maximise your rental income and tax deductions.


This course is a workshop and not a lecture. Even though in the beginning you will sit back in class and listen to what is being taught, for the majority of the course you will be working on real life projects. Don’t worry, you won’t be left on your own to do all the work; you will be assisted by Peter and his team of professionals who not only know the theory of property development but have undertaken a number of projects themselves. Peter and his team not only “talk the talk” but they also “walk the walk”.

This short course has no tests, assignments or exams. It uses a student-centred approach and is very practical, hands on and it will help you maximise your profits and very importantly minimise your chances of losing money in your first (or next) development project.

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Contact Peter via email


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ONLY $5,500

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