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PROP 7005 Introduction to Property and Valuation - Property, People and Profit


This introductory course helps to explain the world of property and will provide you with an understanding as to how property works in real life and equip you with the tools to be able to value property, whether it is a flat, house or commercial property. Property is fundamental to our lives. Everyone lives in a property and most of us work inside a property.


If you are looking for a credible and comprehensive course taught by people with the vast knowledge and real-life experience, more information can be found by clicking the button below. You will be redirected to the University of Adelaide website.


PROP 7005
Introduction to Property and Valuation.

Peter has been teaching in property and investment for over 25 years and has developed many courses during this period.


During his time at The University of Adelaide where he was the Program Director of the Master of Property, Peter developed a course titled

"PROP 7005 Introduction to Property and Valuation - Property, People and Profit". Not only is this a core course for the Master of Property but he also structured it to cater for non-Master of Property students who are looking to enrol in a course that can provide them with the knowledge that is required when buying property, whether it is your first home or investment property. There is no assumed knowledge or pre-requisites if you choose to enrol in this course.


You can enrol as a non-award student which means that you don't need to have a previous degree to enrol, nor do you complete any of the assignments. However, if you enrol as a non-award student, it will not count towards any of your university studies.


This course is taught by Peter and some guest speakers. It includes the famous "property field trip", where students are shown the best types of investment properties to buy and the best suburbs to buy in, as well as what not to buy.



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